Newest Adult Only Cruise Line Virgin Voyages

My experience with the New Virgin Voyages.


7/8/20234 min read

I am excited to tell you more about my experiences sailing with Virgin Voyages, first lets talk a little about this new and unique cruise line.

Sir Richard Branson set out to pioneer a new cruise line, one that stands out from the rest, I feel he has succeeded. Virgin Voyages has swept cruise awards, and is fast becoming the favorite cruise line for many sailors. This adult only line focuses on adult friendly dining, entertainment, and cabin options. When sailing on any of the three, soon to be four Virgin ships, will enjoy a sleek, modern, yacht style type of cruising.

Upon boarding, you will immediately notice a difference, you will be greeted with happy and excited crew members welcoming you aboard, dancing to the music and directing you to your cabins, and other areas of the ship. You can begin your cruise with house made ice cream, make your way to the bar, or head to your room to relax in your amazing sea hammock. These ships do not have a huge foyer, instead you will find more intimate and inviting areas where you will gather, and relax during your cruise.

When sailing with Virgin, your sail away time is 6pm, sail away includes free champagne and your ships Happening Cast. Why have one or two Cruise Directors, when you have twelve Cast Members who all excel at their own specific talents? During Sail Away this cast is going to dance their way into your hearts, and throughout the cruise you will see them, get to know them, and spend time with them. Each member of the cast has their own niche onboard – you will have The Diva, The Artist, The Spark, The Glow, The Hostess, the Flare, The Balancer, and The Charmer to name a few. Each of the Happenings Cast has special events on board, so you will see some more than others depending on your personal preferences.

I have sailed Virgin Voyages a few times now, with my best friend, and as a solo traveler. Both my best friend and I had an amazing time our cruise was different, yet similar to the one I had sailed alone. One of the many things I love about Virgin Voyages is their acceptance of everyone on board. Solo traveler? We have events planned. Celebrating with friends? Everyone is celebrating with you! The staff truly does their best to see to it, you are happy, well fed, and having a good time.

The dining, and the all included portions of sailing with Virgin Voyages are truly some of the stars here when it comes to this cruise line. All specialty dining, is delicious and is included, They have a Steak House, A Gorgeous Mexican Restaurant, A foodie Haven, House Made Italian, Korean BBQ and a veggie forward dining spot, that has a secret naughty menu for meat eats like me. The central areas of the Galley are open 24 hours. Soda, coffee, tea and filtered water are always free, and their specialty coffees, and alcoholic beverages are priced reasonably. Virgin Voyages does not offer buffet style dining, almost everything is made to order, they do not use single use items as VV sails as Eco Friendly as possible.

From the moment you board, you will enjoy the energetic and welcoming atmosphere, along with the attention to detail that will make your cruise on Virgin Voyages a memorable experience

The Diva, The Foodie, The Hype, and The Gamer, were the four Happenings Cast that I saw the most. Anything with the Diva is fun. From Coffee, to Bingo, you are going to laugh, cheer and sign along with her antics. The foodie, is knowledgeable about all sorts of special food items, and is involved in fun and delicious food related events. The Hype is exactly that, she is happy, excited and goes all in on everything she does. The Gamer- We met our Gamer at sail away, and enjoyed a number of his events. I have to say, we played the most exciting game of Trivia, and not because we won, it was interactive, and we were all having an amazing time – The Gamer is a true master at Trivia.

The shows on Virgin, like everything else are different. Here you will find a number of bands, singing sensations, Magicians, Karaoke, and Acrobatic Events like no other. You will see artists sailing around from the ceilings and dancing that is fun and exciting. The Ship Show is an Adult Variety Show from the 70’s with humor, and lot of good times, Duel Reality is an event, and their new shows are truly spectacular. Ships in the Night was unique and the cast was, as with the other shows extremely talented.